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NYC Attorneys Help with Car Accidents Caused by Defective Parts

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Motor vehicles require a number of intricate parts to run correctly, but too often manufacturers are guilty of inadequate testing and poor designs that cause automotive parts to malfunction and cause car accidents. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be able to seek compensation from the parties responsible. To learn more about your options, work with an auto accident lawyer with Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson in New York. Our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in car accident and personal injury law, which we leverage to help you recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

Which parts of a vehicle typically fail?

Although the most common cause of car accidents is negligent driving, many crashes also occur as the result of a failing vehicle component. There are many vehicle parts that can fail at any given time, creating a driving hazard and potentially leading to injury. Sometimes, these parts fail because they are improperly manufactured or designed, and you may be able to pursue a products liability claim.

The vehicle parts most prone to defects or performance failures are the following:

  • Airbags. Sometimes, airbags don’t deploy when a car collides with another object. Conversely, airbags can also deploy with no warning at inappropriate times. Since airbags usually deploy more quickly and with much greater force than expected, their unexpected deployment can lead to serious face or head injuries.
  • Seatbelts. Failing seatbelts are one of the most commonly reported vehicle defects. These failures usually occur when the seatbelt’s locking mechanism malfunctions and doesn’t properly restrain the seat occupant.
  • Braking systems. Brakes can malfunction in a few different ways — the brake lines can fail, the hydraulic reservoir can malfunction, brake fluid can leak or brakes can lock up, to name a few.
  • Steering components. Several problems can occur within a car’s steering system. These issues include malfunctions with the power steering pump, hydraulic lines, pinion and rack. The steering wheel may also lock up as a result of electrical issues, posing a serious risk to the car’s passengers.
  • Fuel systems. Combustion engines require the use of highly flammable liquids. For this reason, any malfunction or failure within a car’s fuel system can be highly dangerous for the car’s passengers.
  • Door latches. Defective door latches can cause a car door to open while the car is in motion. This can result in injury to the car’s occupants, possibly ejecting the driver or passenger from the vehicle. This malfunction can also result in injuries to nearby motorists.
  • Tires. Defective tires can cause blowouts. In addition, all steel-belted radial tires carry the potential for tread separation, especially when moving at high speeds in hot weather. These are dangerous failures that can result in vehicle rollovers.

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