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Despite strict safety regulations, industrial machinery in manufacturing plants, at construction sites, on farms and at other workplaces can still put workers at risk of injury. For the high caliber of legal representation you need after an industrial machinery accident, work with the knowledgeable New York lawyers at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson. We have a deep passion for helping people with claims related to personal injury and wrongful death, remaining respectful and loyal as we explore the best legal avenues for you. Call on us to work with an attorney who can make a real difference in your case.

Accidents involving large industrial machinery

Accidents can occur when carrying out routine inspections, conducting normal workplace operations or performing maintenance. These accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. Electric shock is a fairly common worksite injury that can occur if the machinery doesn’t have safety guards, the power supply isn’t grounded or the power cord is damaged. Injuries resulting from electric shock can be very serious, causing burns or even death. In addition, there may be machinery defects resulting in explosion, which can cause burns and other injuries from moving parts.

Machinery that has moving parts, such as boring machines, lathes, grinders, conveyers, table saws, rolls, forklifts, punch presses and printing presses can cause a number of different types of injuries. Although these machines should have guards in place to stop workers from having contact with moving parts, if contact does occur, the result can be broken or crushed fingers, hands, arms or legs. This can sometimes result in amputation. In addition, other crush injuries can occur when workers are pinned by equipment or victims of an equipment collapse.

Filing a third-party lawsuit

When an injury occurs at work, most workers understand that they have the right to pursue a workers’ compensation insurance claim. However, many don’t know that a workers’ compensation claim is not the only available path of recourse. Although workers in New York can’t directly sue their employers for workplace injuries (even if the injury was the employer’s fault), they can file lawsuits against other parties who may have been negligent, resulting in the work injury.

These third-party lawsuits can seek damages for things that workers’ compensation claims don’t pay for, such as pain and suffering. Third-party lawsuits are common in professions like the construction industry, where industrial machinery is used frequently. In these cases, a worker may be able to bring a lawsuit against a subcontractor or equipment manufacturer.

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