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Recent Appellate Court Rulings Favor NYC Bus Injury Victims

Passengers on city buses have legal recourse if they are injured due to negligence by bus drivers and other employees of the New York City Transit Authority. Three recent decisions by the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division clarify some of the standards of proof applied in these cases and identify specific examples where the NYCTA […]

Technology Improves Safety in Automobiles

Since the creation of the first automobile, the world has strived to improve auto safety in many innovative ways. Yet despite the abundance of safety hardware inside today’s cars, trucks and motorcycles, millions of Americans are injured in motor vehicle crashes each year and tens of thousands more are killed.  Many people believe that the […]

An App for Car and Family Safety on the Road

Did you know…  Kawasaki recalled certain Concours 14 police motorcycles? The installation of law enforcement features on the vehicles could reduce the ability to brake or stall the vehicle and increase the risk of a crash. Toyota recalled certain 2005 through 2011 Lexus vehicles? The possibility of loose bolts in the gear housing could cause […]

Can We Decrease Distracted Driving Accidents?

After decades of public education and strict legal penalties, the United States is finally seeing a reduction in the number of drunken driving accidents and fatalities. Unfortunately, injuries and deaths resulting from distracted driving, particularly those involving hand-held devices, are on the rise. Talking on a cell phone while you are driving makes it four […]

If Drivers Injure Pedestrians, Do They Face Criminal Charges in New York City?

Assuming driver negligence caused injuries to a pedestrian, the possibility exists for criminal prosecution. But the NYPD may not investigate accidents that are not fatal, so many drivers cause injuries without facing criminal charges. Even in the case of fatal accidents, delays in investigation can cause liable drivers to escape prosecution. The June 11, 2012 […]


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